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Dr. G. D. Pol

Dr. G. D. Pol Foundation

The recent past has been a witness to the shrinking of boundaries between countries and culture. The twenty first century belongs to the global village. People and materials are source from one part to the other depending of the requirement and availability. To Comply and confirm to the rules of the new world, One has to be equipped with best of professional education. It is into this scenario that Dr.G.D.POL FOUNDATION, YMT SCHOOL OF NURSING was initiated to give the young aspiring minds the freedom to dream and to go after this dream with no inhibition. We have put in place and Environment that augment the aim of providing Quality of Education. Double equipped Laboratories, Experts faculty and well are prime supporters stoked library in an environment that motivates learning. At G.D.POL FOUNDATION we aim to catapult you to height of “SUCCESS”