Our history

About YMT school of nursing

Nursing school was approved in the year 2005-06. It had started GNM course from academic year 2006.it is three half years course established with the aim of providing high standard of training to individual in the field of nursing. Taking into account the need for competent nurses providing compressive care in hospital and in the community, the institute enhances professional training in this area. It is Endeavour to ensures that professionals educated t the area equipped with skills and techniques in keeping with international standards adaptable to latest scientific innovations.


  • That the student on completion of the GNM course will be equipped with the require knowledge, attitude and skills to meet the physical, social, emotional and spiritual needs of the patients in the hospital and the community for preventive, curative and rehabilitative care without the discrimination of caste, color, creed, economy and gender.
  • That the basis educational programme will prepare the students to provide the comprehensive nursing care.
  • That includes a sound value system and instilling a sense of dedication.


  • To develop skill and ability in providing quality care to the ailing in the hospital and community.
  • To guide the students in developing a mature, well balanced personality encompassing physical, social, emotional and spiritual aspects.
  • To lay a strong foundation for higher and specialized education in the field of nursing.
  • To develop leadership qualities, enabling them to function effectively in the health team.


  • To educate the students both in theory and in practice so as to overpower at global level.
  • To serve the suffering humanity with worldwide.


  • Dedicated in developing a vivacious centre of excellence offering education.
  • Provide professional training and education of the highest quality.
  • Conduct and support appropriate clinical research.
  • Serve all suffering humanity without distinction.


  • Enhance the standard of education through meticulous training, thus offering advantages of successful care to individuals, families and communities.
  • Offer excellent quality of clinical care through experienced practioners who supervise our students resulting in positive educational outcomes and positive healthcare outcomes for the individual, family and the community.
  • Set standards to ensure that its students entre the world of practice with the confidence and skills required to immediately make a difference in practice.